Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps

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Introducing Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps : Your Ultimate Tire Valve Caps for Safe and Stylish Driving!Keep your wheels rolling smoothly and shining brightly with our Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps...

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Color: Green - 4Pcs

Green - 4Pcs
Skull - Green -4Pcs
Red - 4Pcs
Skull - Red -4Pcs
Blue - 4Pcs
Skull - Blue -4Pcs
Yellow - 4Pcs
Skull - Yellow -4Pcs
Pink - 4Pcs

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Introducing Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps : Your Ultimate Tire Valve Caps for Safe and Stylish Driving!

Keep your wheels rolling smoothly and shining brightly with our Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps . Engineered with precision and innovation, these caps are the perfect blend of functionality and style, ensuring your driving experience is both safe and visually captivating.

1. No Air Leakage: Our valve stem caps feature exquisite technology and a rubber sealing design, guaranteeing a tight seal that won't leak during long drives. Drive with peace of mind knowing your tires are secure and your journey is safe.
2. Luminous Visual Effect: Experience the magic of our glow-in-the-dark tire valve caps, which use luminous material to create a fluorescent and captivating visual effect at night. As your wheels rotate, they automatically flash, creating a beautiful aura that draws attention and adds flair to your ride.
3. Simple Assembly: Designed with a swivel thread, our fluorescent valve covers are easy to tighten by hand without the need for additional tools, saving you time and effort. Plus, they're just as easy to disassemble and replace, helping you avoid any internal stem breakage.
4. Wide Applicability: Our light-up tire caps are suitable for most cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, bikes, and other vehicles. With dimensions of approximately 0.3 inches in inner diameter and 0.54 inches in inner height, they're compatible with a variety of tire types.

Illuminate your ride and enhance your safety with Glow in The Dark Tire Valve Caps . Make every drive a memorable one with our innovative and stylish solution. Upgrade your wheels today!"


If you want to be very bright, please absorb enough sunlight in the morning, if you have any questions, please contact us first, we will solve everything for you


Name: Valve cap
Material: Plastic
Color: Luminous
Size: outer diameter 1.2mm, inner diameter 0.8mm, outer height 1.6mm
Application: model universal

4 fluorescent tire valve caps


【Upgrade】Self-lighting, no electronics, beautiful protection two in one

【Model universal】for vacuum tire valve cap replacement and upgrade

【Soul inspiration】high-quality ABS material, practical, long life

【mini-compact】 inside and outside the double layer to create, in one go, beautiful pumping

【Fine quality, strong texture】 Substantial phosphor to build, a lot of light storage, put light longer

BEFORE USE: Universal Fluorescent Car Tire Valve Caps When installing for the first time, please illuminate the tire valve with light or sunlight for 5-6 Minutes, Universal Fluorescent Car Tire Valve Caps the effect will be brighter at night. (It automatically absorbs and stores light energy, glowing at night)
When the car is driving the wheel tire caps will form a cool aperture,made your car will generate a unique and luxurious appearance, stylish and dazzling.



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Green - 4Pcs, Skull - Green -4Pcs, Red - 4Pcs, Skull - Red -4Pcs, Blue - 4Pcs, Skull - Blue -4Pcs, Yellow - 4Pcs, Skull - Yellow -4Pcs, Pink - 4Pcs